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The National Association of Pilots Practical Colombia – ANPRA, is extremely pleased to invite you to participate in the third edition of the Congress of Lessons Learned from major Accidents and Incidents in the Maneuvers of Pilotage. This event, which has established itself as an international benchmark in safety and risk prevention in maneuvers of pilotage, brings together national and international experts, authorities, businesses, unions, and non-governmental organizations, in a space of learning, knowledge exchange and networking.

The importance of this event lies in its focus on learning from past experiences, with the goal of improving the safety and efficiency of maritime operations and river. During the event, will present real cases of accidents and incidents, analyze the causes, and will share the lessons learned, in order to prevent future incidents and to promote a culture of safety across the industry, that in the event of badly affects us all. “We are all losers when an accident occurs”.

In addition to lectures and panel discussions, the event offers spaces for networking and trade show where participants can learn about the latest developments in technology, equipment and services related to the sector. There will also be opportunities to establish contacts with opinion leaders, experts and colleagues from all over the world, which will undoubtedly enrich your experience and expand your network of professional contacts.

In summary, the event offers a unique opportunity to learn, to share experiences, make contacts, and learn about the latest trends in maritime security and river. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this important meeting and to contribute to the advancement of our industry towards a more secure and sustainable future.



To stimulate cooperation and exchange of experience among states, organizations and individuals to ensure the highest degree of advancement in the formalities and procedures for safe navigation, maneuvering and operation in maritime and river waters that will lead directly to the prevention of accidents.


Assistance of up to 300 people of different nationalities (the event account with simultaneous translation into English), who are interested in navigation, the maneuvering of vessels, pilotage, ship owners, tugs, cruise lines, port facilities, officials of stations of maritime traffic, hydrography, oceanography, captaincies of the port, government officials, engineering, students, professionals of all areas, merchant marines, naval officers, and in general, everyone who is associated with the guilds, and the activities of maritime and river.

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The hotel that you will receive the third congress of lessons learned from major accidents or incidents in maneuvers of pilotage, is the Hotel Dann Carlton (Barranquilla)


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